Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Buenos Aires… capital of Argentina, home to one third of Argentina’s total population, representing 75% of the country’s total wealth on only 1% of its territory. It’s the legendary city of the Tango, which originated in the lower classes of the port of Buenos Aires, and is today included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Buenos Aires is home to many European immigrants who arrived in the 17th century, and whose influence is still undeniable today. The architecture of the centre evokes Madrid on the Avenida de Mayo, Paris in the chic neighbourhood of Recoleta or Naples in the popular neighbourhood of La Boca. Small Parisian cafes and bistrots, Italian pizzerias and trattorias, wide Madrid avenues… you can find it all. Buenos Aires definitely feels like Europe and we absolutely loved it!

We first stayed in the Palermo area and then moved to Recoleta, two more “upper-scale” areas of Buenos Aires with many hostels, restaurants and bars. Strolling in the streets during the day and savouring amazing “parillas” in the evening. Also a few cultural stops were on our programme like the Museo de Bellas Artes (home to an impressive Rhodin collection, several Gauguins and Monets), Museo de Evita Perron (former first lady of Argentina who stood up for the poor people) and the Cementerio of Recoleta (Latin America’s Pere Lachaise cemetery).

A huge thanks to our amazing hosts Sofia and Juan Martin!! They were simply amazing and they made our stay so much cooler!

DSC_0057 - Copy.JPG_effected-001
Floralis Generica, a giant flower that opens and closes according to the sunlight. Beautiful!
Plaza Grl Lavalle, Centro
Plaza Grl Lavalle, Centro
Cementerio de la Recoleta
Congreso Nacional, Plaza del Congreso
Plaza del Congreso
The epic tourist bus, with a free bottle of Malbec 🙂
La Bombonera, the legendary stadium of the Boca Juniors
Caminito, La Boca
El Puma de Buenos Aires, Juan Martin, and Sofia! Our amazing hosts!

Our Favourite picks:

  • Restaurant “La Cabrera”, Palermo
  • Speak Easy bar “Frank’s”, Palermo
  • Cocktail bar “Isabel”, Palermo
  • Museo de Bellas Artes

Next stop: Ushuaia!


5 responses to Buenos Aires (Argentina)

  1. Bih says:

    “With a free bottle of Malbec” – I’m sure Camillita is enjoying the trip!


  2. LM says:

    Great text, beautiful pictures!! You have set the bar for the next posts… Awesome to know that at least for 14 days these blog will also be a bit about my holidays. Already looking forward to close out 2015. Starting and ending the year w/ friends, year after year.


  3. Great photos. San Telmo is also worth a look if you have time on the way back. I saw that you had Bolivia on your itinerary- really jealous. As I put on my blog, I loved it from beginning to end.


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