Jericoacoara (Brazil)

Jericoacoara (Brazil)

From Tabatinga in the Amazon jungle we flew to Fortaleza (with a transit in Manaus), which is on the North Eastern coast of Brazil. There we directly boarded a 7 hour bus, which brought us to one of our Brazilian favourites: Jericoacoara! The last 1.5 hour or so we had to switch to a ‘truck bus’ as there is no road but only a very bumpy trail through sand and dunes. Once arrived, we loved this little town SO much we could have stayed weeks here! Simply put: Paradise……

Jeri is a very isolated little beach town in the middle of the National Park of Jericoacoara, which consists of palm trees, white sand dunes and turquoise lagunas. All the streets are made out of white sand so there are no cars (a part from a few pick-up tucks), only the sound of waves and music, and completely shut off from the world! The town is surrounded by tall palm trees and lies against a massive dune to the North. The houses and cabins stretch along a white sandy beach, where you can observe Masters in windsurfer and kite surf, performing an amazing show. The town is full of little pousadas, restaurants, bars, and fancy boutiques. In the evening people switch from a board to flip flops and the town really awakens: live music emerges in the streets, drinking and food stands appear on the beach and locals perform traditional dances next to the water. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing.

Jeri is also famous for its constant wind all year long, so next to sunbathing, eating and drinking, our main occupation was kite surfing for 8 days. Camille took daily classes while Jean professionalised his style, and some of the afternoons Jean threw in a windsurf class as well 🙂 Needless to say that after one week his hands were completely destroyed!

Tip: An airport is currently being built in Jericoacoara (and almost finished). Many fear that once it’s operational the little town will lose its charm and become massive. So the time to visit is now!

Where to sleep?

  • Pousada Casa Alice – This is definitely our favourite play to stay in Jeri. Clean and affordable rooms around a cute little pool. Great breakfast and super central location just a few steps away from the beach!
  • Pousada Baoba – Another great and affordable option. Super central location, with beautiful rooms.
  • Hotel La Villa – If you are looking for something a bit more upscale, this is superb place to stay at. It’s around 10 minutes walking from the center, super design rooms and bungalows and fabulous pool!

Where to eat?

Which Kite School to use?

  • We would recommend Kite Is Cool (on the main square) – Amazing team and great teachers!!!!

Jericoacoara beach


Camille taking kite lessons


Alone at sea in the beginner’s zone


The massive dune at the end of the beach – the whole town gathers here for sunset


The beach at sunset


Masters at work


Masters at work


Vamos Juanito


Heavy traffic in this zone


Time to get wet


Camille by the end of the week!


Jean… no vest; no helmet


Jean perfecting his style


Chilling in one of the lagunas


Jericoacoara national park – only sand and palm trees as far as you can see..