Bhaktapur (Nepal)

Bhaktapur (Nepal)

We decided to dedicate a separate post to Bhaktapur because we loved this little medieval city so much. Bhaktapur is less than half an hour drive from Kathmandu so we visited this town as a daytrip coming from Thamel, but for those who have more time it’s definitely worth spending the night because here.

We loved walking around in the narrow little streets, strolling from temple to temple and admiring all the beautiful medieval squares full of playing children and fruit merchants. Bhaktapur used to be one of the three Kingdoms of the valley (next to Kathmandu and Patan) before being merged into one unified Nepal. It used to be a very prosperous city due to its location on the main trading route between India and Tibet. This can still be witnessed today in the beautiful ancient architecture.

There are temples everywhere in the city, each one more beautiful than the other, and some with very impressive architectural structures like the Nyatapola Temple with five storeys and the tallest temple of Nepal. We were lucky to visit this city during the Diwali festival, when locals light tea candles on almost every doorstep and balcony, lighting up the city and creating a magnificent show at sunset.

Our favourites:

  • Café Nyatapola – great for a drink with an amazing view on Durbar Square

Evening market on the main square of Bhaktapur

Inside a Golden Temple – stunning statues and decoration

The Nyatapola Temple, the tallest temple of Nepal

Little pond in the centre – the Nepalese use this water for washing and cooking

Some streets felt more like the South of Europe than central Asia 🙂

We probably spend more than an hour on top of the Nyatapola Temple, observing the hustle and bustle of the market below

Our trusted tourguide, always with a guidebook in the hand 🙂