Kite Surfing in Mui Ne (Vietnam)

Kite Surfing in Mui Ne (Vietnam)

At a 4 hour bus ride North of Ho Chi Minh you have the Vietnamese surfers’ paradise Mui Ne. There are several buses per day, most of which are ‘sleeper’ buses with super comfy seats! Mui Ne is a little town nestled along a sandy beach on the South China Sea. The beach is more beautiful on the Southern part, where there is more sand and less hotels. However we wouldn’t recommend coming to this place just for the beach as the wind is very strong making it almost impossible to lie on the beach after 10am. If you are kitesurf lovers like us however, this is THE place to be! 😊

What to do?

Windsurfing / Kitesurfing

There is a constant strong wind blowing in Mui Ne making it the perfect spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing. However, the waves are huge (several meters high) and the wind is super strong so this is not a beginners spot!

White Sand dunes

At less than an hour of Mui Ne there are magnificent white sand dunes, popping up literally in the middle of nowhere. This is the perfect excursion for sunset and you can take amazing pictures here. Just ask you hostel for a transfer and then spend an hour walking around the dunes and pick a beautiful spot to watch the sunset. (beware of the quads racing around though!)

Where to sleep?

Evergreen resort: This little hotel just across the street following the coastline was like a little oasis in the middle of the big hotels and resorts. There are only a handful of rooms (so you may want to book in advance), which are super well kept and in the range of a 4 star hotel. The rooms are build around a beautiful tropical garden which has a small pool and they even offer breakfast in a little restaurant along the street. Highly recommended!

Where to eat / drink?

Joe’s cafe: live music on some evenings and amazing Western food and sushi’s!

Restaurant right next to Evergreen resort (same side of the road, on the West side of the hotel): this restaurant is famous amongst the expats living in Mui Ne. It’s the opposite of fancy and they literally prepare the food on a little kart in the street, but the Pho and the spring rolls here are simply delicious!

The beach in Mui Ne – kilometers and kilometers of sand

Early morning at the beach

Sunset in the white sand dunes

Mui Ne

Romantic moment


Getting lost in the dunes   

Waves can be several meters high in Mui Ne – not a beginners kitesurf spot!