Huahine, our favourite island in French Polynesia

Huahine, our favourite island in French Polynesia

Huahine what a discovery! Of the 4 islands we visited in French Polynesia this was probably our favourite one. On top of the gorgeous lush green vegetation and turquoise blue lagoons, this island has a very charming and welcoming local vibe. Very few tourists visit Huahine compared to Bora Bora and Moorea, which adds to the beauty of the place. The locals are proud ‘Huahinians’ who are delighted to take tourists around and show them their beautiful island!

Snorkeling stop in the lagoon

What to do in Huahine

Boat tour on the lagoon

Huahine is famous for its gorgeous blue lagoon with plenty of snorkeling spots. The best way to see this lagoon is to go on an organised boat tour which will make a couple of stops in the lagoon and end with a lunch on one of the Motus. We went with the family run Poetaina tours and loved them!

The boat of Poetaina tours – amazing day!!!

Hire a motorbike and drive to Huahine Iti

Huahine is surrounded by a pretty good asphalted road with not a lot of cars so it’s the perfect spot to rent a motorbike and explore the island. From Fare, the drive South to Huahine Iti takes you through gorgeous landscapes and viewpoints. Bring your camera and make a few stops along the way!

Getting lost on the deserted roads

Cycle around Lake Fauna Nui

Most pensions have free bycicles for their guests. From Fare it’s only a short drive till the peaceful lake of Fauna Nui, which you can circle by bike. You will pass by some local houses and drive through gorgeous vegetation and vanilla plantations. Make sure to make a stop on the Northern side where you can spot the wild Pacific Ocean.

Spending the night on a deserted Motu

This was probably our favourite night in all of French Polynesia. Huahine is surrounded by several Motu (tiny islets) which are all privately owned by locals, and almost completely deserted. They are surrounded by gorgeous white sand beaches and blue lagoons on both sides, with palm tree gardens in the middle. Some locals have started exploiting these pieces of paradise and built a couple of bungalows for tourists. We ended up staying one night in one of these bungalows and it was an unforgettable experience. We were all alone on the island, completely secluded from the rest of the world, with only the sound of the Pacific Ocean hitting the reef. If you ever visit Huahine this is the one thing you cannot miss!

We stayed on the Motu of Poetaina pension which we highly recommend. They have two bungalows on a gorgeous white sandy beach facing the ocean on their private Motu, fully equipped with bathroom and kitchen (there’s even a grill on the beach). There are two bedrooms so you can easily sleep with 4 people here, and there are free kayaks you can use. Make sure to bring some food and water from the mainland as you have to survive on your own here!

Our very own private little piece of paradise…

Where to sleep?

We recommend staying around Fare, which is the main little town of Huahine with an amazing laid-back local vibe. There are loads of hostels and family run-pensions, and great restaurants for the evening.

Potaina pension: we HIGHLY recommend this family-run little pension just outside of Fare. The owners are super friendly, and you really get the feeling you are invited into their home. They took us on a boat tour, gave us their scooter for the day and invited us at their table in the evenings. Real Polynesian hospitality!

Where to eat?

Huahine Yacht Club: We loved this little waterfront restaurant, great atmosphere and delicious food. The name of the restaurant made us laugh because this place couldn’t be more different than a real yacht club so don’t be mislead by the name. It’s very laid back and the opposite of formal! 😊

Chez Guynette: Great for breakfast or lunch in the center of Fare. They also have a couple of rooms with amazing reviews!

Sunrise on the Motu

Kayaking on the lagoon in front of the Motu

Happy wife

Mornings on the Motu – we were all alone on this island