5 reasons why we love Hostelworld

5 reasons why we love Hostelworld

Those of you who have been following us for a while know that we love to sleep in hostels when traveling. 5 star luxury resorts are nice, but will never have the same vibe as a good old backpacker hostel. Every time we stay in a hostel we meet fellow travelers who share their stories with us, and often have amazing tips on things to do or places to see. Most hostels also organise social activities so it’s the best to meet new like-minded people far away from home.

Many of you have been asking us how we always manage to find these cool places so we decided to write a blogpost about it. We always book our hostels through Hostelworld mainly for the following reasons

They always have a wide selection of hostels pretty much anywhere in the world

Even in some of the most remote places, they have a variety of options available. With 36,000 properties over 170 countries, there’s usually always something we like. To give you an example, the last hostel we stayed at was in Canggu, a little town in Bali where they have 81 properties to choose from! Many of these places are not available on other major booking platforms, so you can only find them through Hostelworld. Here are a few of our favourite hostels we stayed at so far!

  • Lub’d Siem Reap, Cambodia: this place was just THE BEST. Imagine a 4-star hotel at hostel prices, super comfortable rooms, exceptional people, an amazing vibe combined with pool parties, social events amazing food. We loved this place!
  • Joey Hostel Agra, India: What we loved most about this place was the location. We had a private double room on the rooftop of the hostel with a direct view on the Taj Mahal which was only a few hundreds of meters away.

You can filter for ‘Private double room’

We love staying in hostels but that doesn’t mean we like to share rooms with other people. Almost every hostel nowadays also offers private double rooms at unbeatable prices and we were never disappointed. You can directly search for ‘Private Double room’ on Hostelworld so you can immediately see the options available. You can even filter for private ensuite bathroom!

The quality of the hostels offered are amazing

Many people associate ‘hostels’ with cheap and shabby little places, but that’s from a previous era. Since there are so many hostels everywhere nowadays, we have noticed a clear upgrade in the quality and comfort offered by hostels compared to 5 years ago. Each hostel on hostelworld has a review score and detailed reviews from people who stayed there. To give you an idea, out of the 81 properties in Canggu only 4 have a review score under 7 (Very Good). Most of the hostels we stayed at were extremely clean, comfortable beds and amazing comfort.

Prices are unbeatable

The average price for a private double room in Asia is probably around 15 – 20 EUR a night but you can get rooms for as little as 10 EUR a night or even less! For those who prefer the more upper scale hostels, the price will be around 30 – 50 EUR a night for a proper 4-star hostel!

You can book instantly and pay through a secured platform

Once you scrolled through the available options and found the right place for you, you can book instantly, pay through a secure booking platform and you will get an immediate confirmation. So you don’t have to go through the hassle of emailing, asking for availability and giving your credit card details to someone you don’t trust, which used to be the case with most hostels.

We hope we convinced you to stay at a hostel on your next trip! We promise you will not be disappointed!