Capri: what you cannot miss

Capri: what you cannot miss

Capri, oh Capri! We loved our time on this little island. There are two main towns on the island: Capri and Anacapri, which are very different from each other but both with their own charm and flair.

The more upscale town of Capri, with its narrow pedestrian alleys, fine Italian luxury boutiques, art galleries and upper-class restaurants is the place to be in the early evening when the masses of day tourists have returned to the mainland and the wealthy young and restless Italians come out to parade their designer outfits.

Anacapri however has a much more relaxed vibe: located on the slopes of Mount Solaro, here you will only find a handful of ‘pasticcerias’, local restaurants and bars, with a much more local vibe.

Capri has many things to offer! Below we listed our favourites!

1. Boat ride around the Faraglioni and different Grottas

This was probably our favourite thing during all of our time in Capri. We left very early in the morning at around 6am so that we were on the water during sunrise and it was MAGICAL. The water is very calm at that time of the day and there are no other boats around, so we had the place to ourselves. We started from the main Porto and stopped at the Faraglioni Rocks, the Grotta Verde and at a quiet spot for swimming and snorkelling.

We went with Gianni’s Boats and couldn’t recommend them more. It was on a beautiful (and extra photogenic 😊) traditional boat with a local captain who was super sweet.

2. Grotta Azurra

The Grotta Azurra is probably the most touristy spot on Capri but it’s worth the visit! It is located on the other side of Capri, on the North-Western coast of the island. There are two ways to get to the Grotta Azurra: by boat from the Marina Grande or by bus (from Capri to Anacapri where you change for the bus going to Grotta Azurra). We recommend taking the bus because the boats all go at the same time and it will be completely packed if you go with them.

It’s better to visit after the day tourists have left at around 4pm in the afternoon. There is a little path going down behind the parking lot which ends in a set of stairs that go down to the water right next to the Grotta Azurra. There are local fisherman waiting on little wooden boats to take you inside. The fee is 12 EUR per person (BRING CASH!) and it lasts around 10 minutes. Last entry is at 5pm.

The whole experience is quite an adventure. First you will be asked to lie down in the boat and the fisherman will pull the boat inside alongside a pre-attached rope. Inside you can sit up and admire the natural fluorescent blue water created by an underwater tunnel where the sunlight comes through. Some of the fisherman start singing at loud voice once inside, giving the whole experience a very Italian touch 😊 We posted a short video about it here.

Grotta Azurra

3. Spend the day at a beach club

There are only a few beaches in Capri and most of them are completely packed so if you want to spend the day by the water your best option is a beach club. They are called ‘beach clubs’ but are actually located on rocks and terraces along the sea, and most of them have pools too. We loved the beach club in Marina Picola called Canzone del Mar.

4. Walk to Arco Naturale and hike down to la Fontinela

The Arco Naturale is a natural arch on the east coast of the island of Capri. The arch spans 12 m at a height of 18 m above ground and is really impressive! From the arch you can follow a little path along the cliffs (Via Del Pizzolungo) that will take you down all the way to the beach club la Fontinela. It’s really beautiful hike with spectacular views on the sea.

5. Take the Monte Solaro chairlift in Anacapri

The chairlift goes all the way up to the top of the mountain, where you can enjoy splendid views of Capri, the Gulf of Naples and you can even see all of the Amalfi Coast! The station for the CHAIR LIFT is in Via Caposcuro in Anacapri, near Piazza Vittoria. This is really a must if you ever visit Capri, the views from the top are just mindblowing. There’s a little bar up there too where you can stop for a drink!

6. Enjoy the sunset at the Faro

The Faro is a lighthouse located on the South-Western tip of Capri, and it’s the best spot to watch the sun fade behind the sea. There are two cute little bars (Da Antonio and Bar Maliblu) where you can sip an ice cold beer or a glass of wine on some funky tunes. You could even spend an entire afternoon here as there is a beach club, Lido del Farro, ideally located to enjoy the afternoon sun!