Our top 5 Bamboo Jungle hotels in Bali

Our top 5 Bamboo Jungle hotels in Bali

Staying in a bamboo house or bungalow is a unique experience and we definitely recommend you spend at least 1 or 2 nights in these type of accommodations if you ever visit Bali. You have bamboo hotels all over Bali and they come in different price and comfort categories: from basic bamboo huts to luxurious bamboo villas with private plunge pools, private staff and epic interior designs! Most of them are semi-open structures, with cozy interiors and jungle bathrooms, and local staff can prepare food for you. Below are our 5 favourites.

1. Hideout Bali

This is probably the most famous bamboo house in all of Bali and often sold out months in advance. Located near the little town of Sideman in East Bali, Hideout offers 6 different bamboo houses and a unique Bali experience. The bamboo houses are fully equipped and They come with a beautiful outdoor jungle bathroom and an outdoor bathtub serves as mini-pool! The staff is extremely friendly and they can organize everything for you: bike rides, trekking in the rice paddies, visit nearby waterfalls, etc. There’s a little bistro on site where the food is delicious!

2. Camaya Bali

Camaya is one of the most luxurious bamboo villa we visited in Bali. Camaya is located in Selat, Karangasem Regency, about 20 minutes from Sidemen. Camaya offers 4 different bamboo jungle villas all with large open spaces and stunning views over lush rice terraces and the jungle in the background. Some of the villas even offer two bedrooms and a mini outdoor pool. The staff can prepare delicious balinese food for you and they bring it to your villa. Sleeping here was definitely a once in a lifetime experience!  

3. Green Village Bali

Green Village Bali has a slightly different concept than the previous ones. Located just outside of Ubud, Green Village is a compound with 12 privately-owned unique and sustainable bamboo villas. The architecture of the different villas is simply mindblowing and look like something from the future. Luxurious interiors, fully equipped kitchen, super comfy beds, hammocks and a plunge pool next to the river are just a few things you will find here. The good news is that some of the villas are available for rent and some even have 3 or 4 bedrooms so you can book it for the entire family.  

4. Own Villa Bali

Own Villa Bali is an eco-concept living resort located just North of Kuta in the South of Bali. The rooms are individual little bungalows inspired by traditional Balinese houses, scattered in a beautiful tropical garden with a stunning pool. There’s a little restaurant inside the resort where you can have delicious food prepared with care by a local chef. And the buzzing towns of Kuta and Canggu are just a short drive away.

5. Tropical Glamping , Nusa Penida

Located at the edge of cliff on the East coast of the island of Nusa Penida, this semi-open bungalow is one of the cutest we have ever seen. All in white, with beautiful natural materials Tropical Glamping has everything you need: a comfy bed, an open bathroom, a hammock and most importantly a spectacular view over the ocean. We had to pinch ourselves when we woke up here as the spot is just out of this world!

… we will update this list as we go along! 😊 Do you have a bamboo accommodation in Bali? Shoot us a message and we’ll pay you a little visit.