About Us


We are Camille Demyttenaere and Jean Hocke, a couple of Belgians with a HUGE passion for travel! We thrive on exploring faraway places and discovering new cultures, and we just can’t get enough of it…

How it all started

We started this blog a couple of years ago when we interrupted our corporate careers in London for a 5 month backpacking trip across Latin America. Our blog started off as something small with the purpose of keeping our friends and family updated, and sharing a couple of travel tips to fellow travelers. This 5 month trip was arguably one of the most life changing things we ever did and we instantly got hooked đŸ™‚

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We resumed our jobs after that but something in our mindsets had changed, and a corporate career where you work your ass off in one of Europe’s biggest cities just didn’t seem that attractive anymore. We started caring more about our health and taking care of this beautiful planet, and realised there were many other paths we could pursue.

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The tipping point

One year later we set off for a second 5 month trip across Asia which confirmed our passion for traveling. We launched an Instagram account through which we got loads of encouragement from a growing number of people and at that point an office job seemed so far away. As soon as we got back we handed in our resignation and decided to change our lifestyle. We wanted to pursue our travels, get more out of life and share our passion.

It was quite a change from the corporate world we were used to, and the loss of security you have when you have a fixed job definitely frightened us at first. We received a lot of questions from our family and close friends who couldn’t understand what we were doing and why we were interrupting our careers.

Pursuing our dreams

Now, one year into it, we manage to make it work by finding the right balance between traveling, freelance work and social media collaborations. Our blog and Instagram account are booming and enable us to travel to places we could never have imagined before.

Through our Instagram account and our blog, we hope to inspire many other people to get out of their daily grind and start exploring. We have an incredibly engaged audience of travel fanatics who are constantly looking for new travel destinations and great places to stay. The feedback has been fantastic so far, and we are only just getting started… We have many more crazy ideas that we hope to realize soon, so stay tuned!

Have fun scrolling through our blog and don’t forget, your comments, tips or cheers are more than welcome!

Thank you so much for your support! We couldn’t do this without the people reading our blog and following us on Instagram!

Camille and Jean