We were very impressed with Bolivia and would definitely recommend going to this unexplored country. Even though very poor, Boliva offers incredible sceneries and transports you 30 years back in time. From the deep and dark silver mine in Potosi to the endless white salt desert of Uyuni, stretching as far as the eye can see. We absolutely loved this country and its people who were so kind to us.

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Bolivia in between Chile and Peru

If you are on a long trip or want to combine several countries, this is a great itinerary because you can just travel from South to North (or vice versa). The easiest and cheapest way to travel in Bolivia is by bus. If you are coming from Chile, travel overland from San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) to Uyuni (Bolivia) in a 4day trek in a 4×4 Jeep throughout the Bolivian Altiplano (one of the BEST experiences we had in Latin America). From Uyuni you can catch a direct bus to Potosi and then continue on to Sucre. From Sucre we flew into La Paz which was a very impressive landing at more than 3000 meters. From La Paz you have loads of buses who can take you to Lake Titicaca (town of Copacabana) from where you can continue your journey into Peru (Puno or Arequipa) by bus.