Nepal, a country which suffered a lot after the 2015 earthquake is now again flourishing thanks to tourism. The Nepalese Himalayas are an absolute must for hiking and mountain lovers, and the sacred sites and medieval cities around Kathmandu offer amazing day trip opportunities to change from the Himalayan scenery. Even though extremely poor, we found this one of the most welcoming countries we have ever been to, with the Nepalese people being extremely friendly and untouched by tourism.

Where we went

Suggested itinerary

You can visit Nepal by staying based in Kathmandu, so it’s very easy to visit the country! Pagan and Bhaktapur are at less than half an hour ride from the centre so you can visit this as a daytrip or by spending the night before returning to Kathmandu. A great way to visit Nepal is by foot so we highly recommend going on one of the treks that will take you to local villages not accessible by road and will give you a flavour of the real Nepal. You can take a direct flight to Lukla from Kathmandu’s domestic airport for the Everest Base Camp trek, or a direct flight to Pokhara for the Anapurna trek. Both great choices! The Anapurna trek stays at lower altitude, enables you to see a lot of local villages and is generally easier but a bit longer in days (count 14 days) – the Everest Base Camp trek is harder because it goes much higher (+5000m) but it will give you spectacular views on the Himalayas and you also pass through local sherpa villages so if you are fit enough it’s deniftely worth it!