Lightroom presets

We LOVE to inspire others through our Instagram account and our blog. We started editing our pictures with a program called Lightroom and were blown away by how much better our pictures could look! We want to help you achieve similar results and have therefore developed our own Lightroom Presets that you can apply as ‘filter’ on your picture, to give them that Backpackdiariez look 😊 They will enable you to edit your pictures like we do, taken with your mobile phone or camera in just a couple of clicks!

The Adventure Collection is a pack of 11 presets that we apply to most of our pictures. They work really well with any picture taken outdoors in broad daylight or at sunset. Perfect for editing your favorite travel, beach and nature shots. We even included our favorite underwater preset!

Mobile Presets
(19 EUR)

Desktop Presets
(29 EUR)

Mobile + Desktop
(39 EUR)



To use our mobile presets you just have to download the FREE Adobe Lightroom CC app on your mobile phone. For the desktop presets you have to download Adobe Lightroom CC or Adobe Lightroom Classic (7 days free trial, then 9.99 USD/month) on your laptop. The Adventure Collection comes with a short manual explaining how to upload the presets into Lightroom and how to use them.

PS: We can’t wait to see our presets on your pictures and will share as many as possible in our stories! So do not hesitate to send them to us or tag us after you publish them! And for any questions please DM us or drop us an email at!